About us

The ETF - the European Tameshigiri Federation was founded from European Martial Arts enthusiasts, who train whith the Japanese sword and is a informal community of various Martial Arts disciplines.

The ETF holds seminars in Europe with a standard curriculum. 
The curriculum of the ETF consists of 10 basic techniques (kihon kata) and 10 forms (kata). 

The basics from Tameshigiri are the same as in Battodo or Iaido, and if you practise one of these Material Arts you can do style-specific techniques like chiburi or noto in the style of your own school.

You are interested in learning Japanese sword fighting? 
You already practice Japanese or European swordfighting and want to see how efficient is your technique by cutting for real?

Then become a member of the EFT!

 It only costs € 18,- for students and € 36,- for teachers per year. 
With this membership you get 20% for the seminars and also the permission to take
ETF examinations (note: examination fee is not included in the membership fee).


You can do it, too! Sign up for free now at https://jimdo.com/